Q :   They ……. (live) in Shri Nagar for five years.

(A) are living

(B) were living

(C) has been living

(D) have been living

Correct Answer : D

Q :   I …….. (tell) you already about it.

(A) told

(B) have told

(C) tells

(D) am telling

Correct Answer : B

Q :   She …..(pass) the post office on her way to school every day.

(A) is passing

(B) has been passing

(C) passes

(D) passed

Correct Answer : C

Q :  This pen …….. (cost) me ten rupees.

(A) costs

(B) costing

(C) has cost

(D) costed

Q :  The sun ……. (shine) by day.

(A) Shining

(B) has been shining

(C) shines

(D) is shining

Q :  The bell ……. (ring) just now.

(A) rings

(B) ringing

(C) rung

(D) has rung

Q :  He …….. (wait) for me since morning.

(A) has been waiting

(B) have been waiting

(C) had been waiting

(D) is waiting

(A) have been reading

(B) has been reading

(C) is reading

(D) had been reading

(A) studied

(B) study

(C) have studies

(D) are study

Correct Answer : B

Q :  At the moment the child ……..(play) in the garden.

(A) playing

(B) plays

(C) is playing

(D) has been playing

Correct Answer : C


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