1) Her thinking leans ____ democracy.

A) with

B) towards

C) for

D) None of these


2) He got too tired _____ over work.

A) because of

B) because off

C) on

D) for


3) _____ his principles, he has to be very careful.

A) with regard of

B) with regard on

C) with regard to

D) None of these


4) Building has been built _____ the new plan.

A) accordance to

B) in accordance with

C) for

D) about


5) He crossed the broken bridge ____ warning.

A) in spite of

B) in spite off

C) on

D) about


6) The train ____ as fast as the bus.

A) went

B) running

C) moves

D) going


7) He was seen _____ to the school.

A) went

B) going

C) gone

D) go


8) She ____ in the sun for 1 hour.

A) sitting

B) has been sitting

C) has been sit

D) has sit


9) ____ it help you in your studies ?

A) will

B) was

C) is

D) are


10) I ____ never seen such a picture before.

A) did

B) was

C) have

D) has


11) Words of same sound is ?

A) Soundnyms

B) Antonyms

C) Homonyms

D) None of these


12) Sounding the same but spelt differently ?

A) Symphonious

B) Homophonous

C) Synonyms

D) Saminymous


13) Choose the correct answer ?

A) My friend has got a new job.

B) My friend has got a new work.

C) My friend is got a new job.

D) My friend did got a new job.


14) Choose the correct sentence.

A) Do you like a glass of water ?

B) Would you like a glass of water ?

C) Would you like the glass of water ?

D) Do you like the glass of water ?


15) Antonym of Ad-lib ?

A) Improvise

B) Extemporized

C) Deliberate

D) Spontaneous


16) Antonym of Imperil ?

A) Safeguard

B) Endanger

C) Hazard

D) Jeopardise


17) Antonym of Inscrutable ?

A) Baffling

B) Obvious

C) Confuse

D) Reduce


18) Antonym of Licentious ?

A) Continent

B) Confused talk

C) Clear

D) Close

19) Antonym of Rabid ?

A) Frantic

B) Sober

C) Chaos

D) Vulgar


20) Antonym of Ravenous ?

A) Greedy

B) Very Hungry

C) Assuaged

D) None of these


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